Buckle up and protect your eyes

The new worldwide shift we are experiencing now has caused a massive increase in the amount of time we spend in front of a digital screen than ever before. Our increasing reliance on electronic devices is causing significant harm to our eyes.

 It is essential to limit the spread of contagious viruses. Work from home or online classes is one way to do that; however, experts say this has led to increased computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain because of increased work from home activities.

 As a result of online courses and work from home opportunities, the use of online devices has increased by almost 75 percent during the pandemic among both children and adults.

You might notice that while you are looking at a computer, you do not blink as much as you usually do, and the protective film that covers your eyes becomes irritable due to drying out.

As a result of increased screen time, eye strain can lead to headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and occasionally difficulties focusing.

Our goal is more than just keeping your desk clean and tidy and Instagram-worthy. Ensure there is enough natural light at your home desk to keep your eyes comfortable (so many works from home images online this year!) If you cannot avoid dark or dingy corners, try to work in areas with plenty of natural light. Although natural light is good, don't let it dominate your environment. To ensure you don't squint at the screen, find a place where you do not have to squint.

Also, it would help if you keep your eyes at a readable height so you are far enough from the screen. Your screens should be held at a safe distance from your eyes. When sitting at your desk, you should also make sure your screen is level with your eyes while you're using it.

Along with taking regular breaks, it's also a good idea to blink often. Every 20 minutes of staring at the screen, spend 20 seconds focusing on something 20 feet away. Walking is also a good idea regularly. Make sure you blink to give your eyes moisture while you take these breaks!